Ready Sites, the beginning

For years, I have watched small churches, struggling non-profits, and small businesses make do with home-made looking web sites that have only minimal features. A couple of years ago I discovered the powerful and flexible content management system called Drupal. It has so many things that most of these organizations need, but have not been able to afford, or have not known where to look.

So I decided to put together a package that includes the most commonly needed features (image gallery, online store, blog, etc.) and make this available at a fraction of the price of custom developing each site. Now, your organization can get a powerful web site that you can control, with a nice professional look, for a very affordable price.

I'm calling them "Ready Sites." The details are over here, so have a look, and let me know what you think about it. I'll be adding more detail in the coming weeks. I'm always happy to talk about the available features and your needs.