Back from DrupalCon DC

Wow. I had a great time this past week at DrupalCon DC.

I have a lot of emails, voicemails and planning to catch up on, so today I will be primarily getting work plans back in order. But first, a little update...

I ended up filming around 10 sessions which will all be posted on within a few days. I met some great people I didn't expect to meet, and I didn't meet a lot of people that I hoped I would. I've learned a lot, but more than that, I'm very inspired to contribute more to this community garden we call Drupal. I participated in the Documentation Sprint on Saturday. My task was to take valuable information from comments on the handbook pages, and incorporate them into the page itself. I tweaked maybe 6 or 7 pages. That doesn't sound like much, but there were about 20 of us working on that single task. That amounts to a lot of pages that were improved. There were at least 100 people in this Doc Sprint room, working on various other tasks such as writing new documentation, and clarifying handbooks pages that are murky as mud.

There are many more ways that I plan on contributing, including fixing minor bugs with core, suggesting improvements for Drupal 7, and possibly even becoming maintainer for a module that needs a new daddy. There are SO many ways to contribute to Drupal. It's only right, since I benefit so much, for free! from this great system. Plus, Drupal is what we make it.