basic upgrade from drupal 5 to drupal 6

Outlining the basic process I'm taking to upgrade this site to Drupal 6.

(8:45 pm)

Installed Modules

  • node_clone
  • codefilter
  • these are available for Drupal 6. Great!


  • making backup of files and db
  • copied new core files in
  • merged settings.php's and .htaccesses
  • site in offline mode
  • switching to Garland theme
  • disabled the 2 contrib modules

the real deal

  • uploading new core files (everything except the sites folder), this includes .htaccess.
  • uploading the new settings.php
  • going to /update.php and accepting the defaults
  • enabled some new modules like Update Status
  • posted updated version of the 2 modules and enabled them

some additional tweaks

  • tweaked some additional things

Up and running